Half couplings made of aluminum and cast iron, available for applications with IEC electric motors from size 63 to size 315 and internal combustion engines up to 7.5 Kw (10hp). 
Specially designed to be interchangeable with major manufacturers, they can be used with: cylindrical shafts according to ISO and SAE standards, 
tapered shafts 1: 5-1: 8 and a wide range of splined shafts according to DIN 5480 - DIN 5481 - DIN 5482 - AN SB92B.1970.
The total coverage of the Spider (available in NBR 75 Shore A rubber and 95 Shore A polyurethane) guarantees a significant reduction in noise.

  • Half couplings on the motor side with total coverage of the shaft
  • Standard length half coupling on the pump side to cover a greater number of applications
  • Spider in rubber NBR 85 Shore A hardness and Polyurethane 95 Shore A hardness
  • Grub screw for fixing to shafts in standard usage
  • Coverage of the Spider thanks to the outer ring 
  • Recovery of radial, angular and axial misalignment
  • Conforms to the DIN A740/2 standard
  • Interchangeable with KTR-RL Hydraulics

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